Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog Overload.

So I haven't blogged in over a month. Why?? Well I'm not really sure, just been super busy and haven't had much time to start crafting until now! I'm on a craft overload. Scrapbooking, sewing, crocheting, photography, baking. You name it I'm doing it. 

I have also started a new hobby that you will probably be seeing a lot of on my blog and that is......Blythe Dolls! If you don't know what they are there is a ton of information at They are dolls that were first introduced in the US from Japan in the 70's, didn't do so hot. They were then rediscovered by a photographer name Gina who brought them back to life. Blythe collecting is a lot of fun and there are so many possibilities. People customize them, use them in awesome photography, and of course make adorable clothes for them. To check out some awesome pictures of Blythe dolls, check out the Flickr group Blythe, Blythe, Blythe

Here are some pictures of my current Blythe collection. I only have two, but I can't wait to get more!!!!

In scrapbooking news.......I GOT A SLICE for Christmas!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!! And guess what????? It's AWESOME!!! I have yet to actually use it on a scrapbook page, but I have been playing around with it and it is sooo amazing! 

Here are some scrapbook pages I have created over my holiday break. I'm glad to be back in the swing of things, and can't wait to share new creations with everyone!!

How were your holidays??? What are your plans for the new year?


jillconyers said...

The Blythe dolls are too cute (dd loved them). What a fun hobby!

I've been debating the slice. I have the cricut but rarely use it because it's big bulky and just not "convenient" for day to day scrapping. Now you have me thinking about the slice again :)

Sophia said...

Oohhh the Blythe dolls are really cute though I don't think I'm a huge fan!

Can't wait to see more of your works and what's in store over at Pink Sketches!

Dana said...

Love the layouts!!!

Sharla said...

Your layouts are super cute!